HPPG3 og HPPG4 – Push/pull attachments


• Replaces traditional pallet technology

• Light installation with fast connect

• Recesses in the front plate provide good visibility

• Wide fork pockets ensure good support of the pallets

• Simple and stable design

Simple and stable construction for palletless transport of goods

Palletless transport of goods ensures optimal use of space in containers. By using slip-sheets instead of traditional pallets, in addition to extra space, there will also be a gain in terms of savings on the purchase of pallets. Transport per unit is thus considerably reduced.

With the focus on ergonomics, e-l-m’s push-pull attachments are an important tool. In addition to quickly loading or unloading containers, the attachment also saves on manual tasks that place a heavy burden on the body.e-l-m’s push-pull attachments are designed so that you can quickly switch between a push-pull attachment and traditional forks. This ensures high flexibility in terms of forklift and equipment.
Typically used for goods weighing up to 1500 kg, the attachment can be used in virtually any industry, from food and wine to retail and baggage handling.

The attachment is also used to load containers for overseas transport, where pallet requirements are so strict that transport MUST be on slip-sheets. The system is based on slip-sheets, which are either cardboard or plastic discs on which the goods are pushed or pulled. The slip-sheets are included, ensuring goods can be handled with push-pull at the destination site.