Your trusted partner in customized attachments that bring efficiency, safety, and value to your business. We take pride in our profound expertise and knowledge, placing us in a unique position to deliver tailor-made solutions of the highest quality.

Hyster truck der er udstyret med laststabilisatorer

With our modern and efficient production setup, we can offer you the highest quality in the market.
As our distributor, you can rest assured that we always have a solution for your customer’s needs.

E-L-M blad

We design and manufacture more than 700 highly customized attachments each year. Our extended knowledge is your guarantee for a great solution and efficient process.

Gaffler til truck

Calculate the actual capacity of your forklift in combination with an E-L-M attachment. Achieve maximum residual capacity, optimal visibility, and functionality with an integrated solution.


Highest Quality standards

A forklift with a faulty attachment holds no value. That’s why we adhere to only the highest quality standards! As a customer or user of our products, you can expect a long lifespan, even with intensive use in demanding environments. Our products have a safety factor ranging between 4.5 and 5.8 as standard (CE marking requires a minimum of 3). This is your guarantee of a reliable product you can trust for many years to come.


The fast track to the right spare parts! Discover how easy and convenient our spare parts sales are.

Our skilled team can always assist you in finding the right spare parts. And in most cases, we dispatch your spare parts on the same day we receive the order.

In this way we help you to increase the uptime of your products.

Klemmeaggregater i brug til at flytte store metalrør

“Ever since the foundation of our company in 1967, our mission has been the same: Develop the perfect attachment to support efficient and safe internal logistic and handling solution”

Michael Lund, CEO
e-l-m Dorne på en linde truck


Since our company, e-l-m Kragelund A/S, was established in 1967, we have been a pioneering player in the development and production of attachments and lifting equipment for forklifts, stackers, and reach trucks. We are among the architects of the integrated design of lifting equipment, supporting increased safety, higher productivity, and improved lifting capacity.


Comprehensive product catalog

Our catalog is filled with the highest quality products. We have one of the industry’s most comprehensive product ranges, including fork positioners, rotators, clamps, load stabilizers, telescopic forks, and much more.

The majority of our products can be delivered as integrated attachments – your opportunity to increase safety, productivity, and residual capacity.
Also, check out our section on customized products, which are produced based on end-user specific needs.

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