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elm completes the expansion of 1000 square meters of production facilities in Denmark.


e-l-m open up new sales offices outside of Denmark


e-l-m initiate a new commercial strategy with extended focus on customized solutions/attachments


elm is sold to new owners, Niels Anker Hansen and Olav Brøchner.


elm's export share exceeds by 50%. Plus the other text that already exists. We also expand in Denmark.


elm surpasses 100 qualified employees.


e-l-m initiate a new and modern production site in Slovakia


e-l-m finalize the third expansion to the production facility in Slovakia.


In order to increase quality, e-l-m start in-house production of hydraulic cylinders exclusively to be used for e-l-m products. This is part of e-l-m’s insourcing strategy in order to increase quality and meet customers’ demand for short delivery time.


Niels Anker and Olav sell the company to Sdiptech AB.


e-l-m increase it’s focus on designing and manufacturing customized attachments or equipment due to increased demand among its customer base. Today, e-l-m employs 200 qualified employees.
e-l-m Kragelund A/S


e-l-m Kragelund A/S is a strong European supplier of material handling equipment and attachments for forklifts. e-l-m A/S develops and sells equipment that contributes to efficient internal transportation and handling solutions.

Since its establishment in 1967, the company has evolved into a market leader in its field of business. Today, we offer a complete range of equipment for forklifts. Our products encompass a wide range, including fork positioners, rotators, sideshifters, push-pull attachments, and telescopic forks.

We are a professional partner and find the right solution in collaboration with our customers. If our standard solution is not optimal, we are happy to design and manufacture the appropriate solution.

We place great emphasis on delivering high-quality equipment and service, which is why we have high standards for our suppliers and employees. e-l-m A/S is currently certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 3834-2.

E-l-m branding
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With core concepts like extremely high quality, intelligent design, and maximum flexibility, e-l-m takes a leading role in technical aids and tools for material handling.

When you choose e-l-m as your partner, you can count on consistently high quality in all our services.

This is ensured by our quality management system (QMS), which is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and for welding ISO 3834-2:2005.
Quality Policy 2021



In our design and manufacturing of products, we prioritize environmental considerations:

– Selection of raw materials in the design phase.

– Minimal pollution during manufacturing.

– Maximum safety for our employees.

When you choose e-l-m as your partner, you can be sure that the environment has been taken into account. This is ensured by our environmental management system (EMS) certified according to ISO 14001.

Work Environment
The work environment is also a top priority at e-l-m, ensuring that every product from e-l-m is crafted with the utmost consideration for our employees.

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