REH – Rotating fork positioner


• Fork positioner with side shift and rotator combined in a single attachment

• High torque

• High rotation speed

• Lightweight design

• High quality seals

Combined fork positioner and rotator 360o

The REH is designed to turn different types of goods 360°.

In addition to special turning tasks, the REH is also useful as a standard fork positioner.

If required, side shifting is built into the design as standard. This allows for an additional functionality by building a third hydraulic function on the REH. This can be done by us-ing the e-l-m wireless system.
The REH has an extremely robust design, based on e-l-m’s popular IFPF pin type fork positioner. In the REH series, both the top and bottom are guided in bushings on the shaft as in the top of the IFPF fork. Cylinders are also from the fork positioner range, so the number of spare parts numbers is kept to a minimum.
REH is available with a capacity of up to 8 tonnes. As always, it is important to choose the correct attachment size, as the size given is the residual capacity of the attachment and not the nominal capacity of the forklift with standard carriage and hook-on forks.

For example, an REH 60 may be the right choice for an 8-tonne forklift rather than an REH 80 because of its own weight and lost load centre.