HPH6 – Hook-on push aggregat


• Integrated side shift

• Designed with optimal visibility

• Gentle and stable push-off movement

• Hydraulically movable outer forks

Designed to push pallets

The HPH6-12 is designed with two hydraulically movable forks, which support the pallet.

When the goods need to be pushed off the pallet, the forks extend and “lock” the pallet with its pallet retainer, ensuring that the goods are pushed off while the pallet remains on the attachment.
The HPH6-12 is designed with recesses in the front plate, which help to ensure the safe transport of the goods and provide a top-class working environment. The HPH6-12 comes standard with built-in side shift, which facilitates the operator’s work and ensures precise positioning of the pallets.

The stable pushing motion ensures that goods are not damaged. The attachment is supplied with ISO 2328 suspension, which fits all makes of forklifts.