OGGS – Fork positioner with side shift (with roller)


• Robust frame design allowing very large widths

• The design of the beams ensures a wide opening area

• Can be used with various forklift models

• Robust fork guide with “roll type” mounting

Hook-on fork positioner with large frame width

OGGS is a hook-on version of our integrated IGGS and therefore has many of the same advantages.

The attachment is built with a specially designed “roll-type” fork mounting, which allows a very large frame width (up to 10 metres for most capacities).

Our OGGS covers capacities from 1.8 to 8.0 tonnes. The attachment’s unique and robust design offers great flexibility in terms of frame widths. The catalogue highlights standard widths, but much wider attachment widths are available. Contact us for more informa-tion. Hook-on attachments are constructed with hooks that follow ISO standards.
This means the attachment can be easily moved to other types of masts or forklifts. This flexibility makes the attachment suitable for rental and leasing, especially when full service agreements are made, since its high quality ensures low operating costs.
If there is no need to move the attachment to another forklift, we recommend our IGGS instead, as the integrated design offers better visibility, higher residual capacity and safer and more efficient operation. The robust “roll type” design ensures light and troublefree handling, regardless of the width of the attachment.

Our “roll type” fork mounting ring is available in two variants. A variant for capacities from 1.8 to 2.5 tonnes and a variant from 3.0 to 8.0 tonnes. The valve is positioned in front of the mast profiles to achieve the best possible visibility.

Hydraulic hoses comply with common standards and can therefore be quickly replaced if damaged during operation.



• Camera, distance measurer and laser liner, see our e-assist range on page 150

• Many different widths

• Many different fork types and lengths, including markings on the forks

• Load backrest