5LC – Fork positioner with side shift


• The range covers the most common capacities and widths

• Several models are kept in stock and available for immediate delivery

• Can be used with various forklift models

• Robust fork and console guide on axles

Standardised fork positioner with side shift for price-conscious users

LF (hook-on fork positioner with side shift incl. forks) and LC (hook-on fork positioner with side shift and consoles) are the ideal attachment for price-conscious users.

The range includes only the most common widths and fork lengths. We can therefore offer an affordable product in the usual high e-l-m quality for fast delivery. Our LF and LC cover capacities from 1.8–5.0 tonnes.

Hook-on attachments are constructed with hooks that follow ISO standards. This means the attachment can be easily moved to other types of masts or forklifts. The attachment are ideal for customers who have an urgent need or for used machines.
For customers with intensive use needs, we recommend our 6HFPF. If there is no need to move the attachment to another forklift, we recommend our 6IFPF or 6IFPC instead, as the integrated design offers better visibility, higher residual capacity and safer and more efficient operation.

The design of the lower beam means the attachment has a large opening area in relation to its width. Fork positioning and side shifting are efficient and quiet due to the shaftfitted forks, which are equipped with powerful bronze bushes at the top and rollers that can be lubricated at the bottom. The valve is positioned in front of the right mast profile to achieve the best possible visibility. As standard, the valve is located behind a heavy-duty protective plate to avoid damage during operation.