e-laser liner


• Green laser line

• Adjustable focus

• Height and tilt adjustment

• Heavy duty cover

• Fully integrated solution

• Optional power pack with wireless controller

The intelligent application, to assist your intralogistics

We are proud to present our new technological assistant series suitable for various applications as an integral part on our attachments.
Our plug and play solution will ensure improvement to your overall workflow and reduce unnecessary handling cost.

Heavy duty laser liner for e-l-m fork positioners help the driver to correctly position the forks and adjust the height accordingly when picking up goods stored in pallet racks

Features a green light laser for better visibility in bright environments.
The laser can be tilted and adjusted in height to accurately position the fork tips as well as adjust the focus of the laser to ensure a sharp line from the required distance.

The laser is mounted in the centre of the attachment, behind the fork back in a heavy duty bracket for the best protection.
It can either be powered by cable or with a battery pack that includes a wireless ON/OFF controller.