e-distance sensor


• Precise measurement to load

• Programmable

• Visible red dot

• Mounted in protective bracket

• Fully integrated solution

The intelligent application, to assist your intralogistics

We are proud to present our new technological assistant series suitable for various applications as an integral part on our attachments. Our plug and play solution will ensure improvement to your overall workflow and reduce unnecessary handling cost.

Sensor for measuring the distance from the fork back to the load

It can easily be programmed to suit different fork lengths to show an acurate distance measured between the fork back and the load. The e-distance sensor includes a monitor that acts as a visual aid for the driver to see how far the load is loaded onto the forks. The monitor can easily be installed in the cabin of the forklift. The sensor is mounted in the frame of the attachment at a height between 200-300 mm over the fork blade.