HBXCT – Box clamp, T-profile


• Thin arms that allow them to be wedged between boxes

• Robust quality, able to withstand even the most demanding environments

• Wear plates on the arms that significantly increase lifetime

• High reliability and lifetime optimised design

• Large range of different friction materials – glued or bolted on

Reliable box clamp with side shift and large opening

HBXCT is the perfect clamp for goods in plastic, flamingo or cardboard boxes.

The box clamp is characterised by its thin clamp arms, which can be easily manoeuvred be-tween tightly packed goods. The attachment is based on our newly developed T-profiles, which allow an unprecedented greater opening area and residual capacity. The clamp arms are available with a wide range of friction materials, adapted to suit your handling requirements. See our range of materials on the next page.

The attachment is available with either fixed or fitted arms. The fixed arms allow the tapering to be changed continuously. Fixed arms are supplied as standard with a taper of 1.5 degrees but can be adapted as required. The box clamp design is based on our specially designed T-profiles, which form the upper and lower beam. This ensures a torsionstable frame. The attachment is supplied with replaceable wear plates on the underside of the arms. Wear plates extend the lifetime of the attachment. The technical data, such as weight, lost load centre and centre of gravity, significantly optimises the residual capacity and adds high and market-leading values to the forklift.

As standard, the clamp has side shift. The valve of the clamp has double locking and pressure adjustment, which can be adapted to the specific handling needs. To ensure synchronous movement of the arms, the valve has a builtin flow divider. Hydraulic hoses comply with common standards and can therefore be quickly replaced if dam-aged during operation.

The strong T-pro-files are equipped with replaceable PE liners, which ensures a low friction and a long service life.



• Many different arm lengths and heights

• Load backrest

• Different friction plates on the arms available

• Specially designed base for handling goods on pallets

• Friction material can be glued or bolted on