2IFPF-W – Fork positioner with large opening


• The two variants allow for an attachment that is adapted to meet specific handling requirements.

• The axle design makes the attachment extremely robust and ensures low operating costs.

• The advanced valve allows for synchronisation adjustment when positioning the forks.

• High residual capacity due to integrated design

Fork positioner with optimized opening range

2IFPF-W is the ideal attachment when a larger opening area than the attachment’s own width is required.

The robust shaft con-struction allows a large opening area and a very stable and precise operation. Our 2IFPF-W covers capacities from 2.5 to 5.0 tonnes.
The 2IFPF-W is available in two versions – a standard version and a plus version with an even wider opening.
The hydraulic system of the attachment in-cludes a valve with integrated side shift and individual flow regulators for each cylinder. This allows for adjusting the synchronicity in pre-connection with the positioning of the forks.

Shaft construction makes the attach-ment extremely stable, even in the most demanding environments.



• Camera, distance measurer and laser liner, see our e-assist range on page 150

• Many different widths

• Many different fork types and lengths, including markings on the forks

• Load backrest