2IFOSS – Fork positioner with optimized side shift


• The optimised side shift enables 11-15% more efficient handling

• Increased side shift minimises damage to the machine, attachment and e.g. container

• Excellent quality that can withstand even the most demanding environments

• Outstanding visibility

• High residual capacity due to integrated design

• Low operating costs

Integrated fork positioner with optimized side shift – the perfect attachment for the transport and logistics industry

2IFOSS was created in close cooperation with global operators in the transport and logistics industry.
The unique design provides optimized side shift without increasing the frame width. This means that the forklift operator can drive at a good distance from e.g. the inside of the container and easily position the pallet optimally using the optimized side shift.

Our 2IFOSS covers capacities from 2.0 to 2.5 tonnes.The optimized side shift means that containers etc. can be loaded and emptied 11-15% faster, making our 2IFOSS the ideal attach-ment, especially for the transport and logistics industry. The design of the lower beam means the attachment has a large opening area in relation to its width. Fork positioning and side shifting are efficient and quiet due to the shaftfitted forks, which are equipped with powerful bronze bushes at the top and rollers that can be lubricated at the bottom.

The valve is positioned in front of the right mast profile to achieve the best possible visibility. As standard, the valve is located behind a heavy-duty protective plate to avoid damage during operation. Hydraulic hoses comply with common standards and can therefore be quickly replaced if damaged during operation.



• Camera, distance measurer and laser liner, see our e-assist range on page 150

• Many different widths

• Many different fork types and lengths, including markings on the forks

• Load backrest