Stationary system – SPC

KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer

Goods often must be transferred from pallets due to hygiene and because expensive pallets often continue to circulate within the production environment.

This is usually the case with companies like food processing, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. This kind of industry is increasingly using plastic pallets because of their superior sanitary properties.
Plastic pallets are resistant to bacteria and fungi, both of which grow on wooden products, and they are easy to sanitize but are much more expensive than wooden pallets.

With the KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer, the goods can easily be moved horizontally from plastic pallet to wooden pallets and keep the plastic pallets in the loop to safe pallet costs.

Stationary Pallet Changer eliminates the risk of spillage

The KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer can be operated by the forklift driver, resulting in a high degree of efficiency and safety because the operator has a full view of the actions he is making himself. The operation is done by a remote control which is equipped with push buttons.
These push buttons must remain pressed during the moving of the goods so that the operator always has the process of pallet transfer under control.