IFCT – Integrated fork clamp with side shift


• Excellent quality that can withstand even the most demanding environments

• Higher residual capacity, functionality and visibility compared to others in the industry

• Unique design allows industry’s largest opening area

• Advanced valve that ensures synchronous movement when clamping

• Lifetime optimised design and low operating costs

The industry’s most robust integrated fork clamp – with side shift and large opening range

IFCT is a modern fork clamp where key components are refined down to the smallest detail.

The clamp is built on stable T-profiles, has precise guides and frictionreducing plastic elements – all of which ensure unrivalled reliability and quality.
Our IFCT covers capacities from 1.6–5.0 tonnes with a load centre of 600 mm.
The clamp’s unique frame is specially de-signed, ensuring the industry’s most robust design and an opening between the forks that was not previously possible.

Our spe-cially designed T-profiles, which form the upper and lower beam, are the primary part of a torsionrigid frame that provides the best base for the attachment’s construction. In addition to the highest possible quality, the design contributes to significantly improved visibility never before seen in the industry. The technical data, such as weight, lost load centre and centre of gravity, significantly optimises the residual capacity and adds high and marketleading values to the forklift. As standard, the clamp has side shift. The valve of the clamp has double locking and pressure adjustment, which can be adapted suit specific handling needs. To ensure a synchronous movement of the forks, the valve has a builtin flow divider. The valve is positioned in front of the mast profile to achieve the best possible visibility and protection. Hydraulic hoses comply with common standards and can therefore be quickly replaced if damaged during operation.

The strong T-profiles are equipped with replaceable PE liners, which ensures a low friction and a long service life.



• Camera, distance measurer and laser liner, see our e-assist range on page 150

• Many different widths

• Many different fork types, lengths and

• Designs

• Possibility of mounting various tools via fork pockets