6IFPF-KOOI – Fork positioner (pin type) with side shift and telescopic forks


• Simple and fast adjustment of fork length

• No manual work required

• Increased productivity when handling several pallets at the same time

• Greater safety thanks to higher stability


Increased productivity and safety

Hydraulic telescopic forks increase productivity and safety and makes handling easier for the operator.

The forks are extended to double their length by the push of a button, making it easier to handle several pallets in one operation, easier to load/unload goods from the long side of the lorry. It is also ideal for deep stacking of goods in shelves or for free stacking on the ground or floor.

You no longer have to find fork extensions, which are usually always lying in the wrong place and manually attach and secure them, which can be a difficult process. These telescopic forks are generally ideal for all kinds of indoor and outdoor handling,
on forklifts with counterweights and on warehouse forklifts.



• Camera, distance measurer and laser liner, see page 150

• Many different variants of forks for all types of goods handling

• Many different frame widths, which are perfectly suited to your forklift

• Cold store version -30°

• Load support