Notice: Equipment mounted differently, i.e. fork shoes, cannot be calculated on the residual capacity calculator.
Customer and Project name
Data for the forklift truck
Basis capacity at the load centre (P) kg
Load centre (a) mm
Distance from front wheel centre line to fork face (x) mm
Data for the standard attachment on the truck
Fork bar thickness (Vt) mm
Fork bar height (Vh) mm
Fork bar width (Vb) mm
Fork thickness (Gt) mm
Fork height (Gh) mm
Fork width (Gb) mm
Fork length (Gl) mm
Data for the e-l-m attachment
Original forks of the truck mounted on attachment
Weight of the attachment (Q) kg
Centre of gravity of the attachment (E) mm
Lost load centre of the attachment (C) mm
Number of load centers
New load centre 1 (a1) mm
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The above calculation is only an indication.
The result of the advanced calculation is given with an approximation of about +/- 5%.
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