Push-Pull Device with Slip-Sheet Retaining Type HPPH-SS

The Push-Pull with Slip-Sheet Retaining Type HPPH-SS, is designed for transporting goods without pallets, and replaces the traditional pallet handling.
  • Great savings on transportation costs

  • Replaces manual work

  • Easy and simple mounting ensures great flexibility of truck

  • Usable in many different industries

  • The system is based on slip-sheets

  • Integrated slip-sheet retaining function

Transporting goods without pallets ensures optimal utilisation of the space in containers. By using slip-sheets instead of traditional pallets, you also benefit from extra space and pallet costs savings, thus reducing the transport per unit considerably.

e-l-m’s Push-Pull is an important tool in terms of the present focus on ergonomics. In addition to the HPPH-SS’s ability to quickly load and unload containers, it also saves the manual job functions that place heavy strain on the body.

e-l-m Push-Pull equipment is designed to enable quick switching between a Push-Pull device and traditional forks. Again, this ensures great flexibility as regards truck and equipment.

The equipment is typically used for goods up to 1500kg, and generally can be used in all industries from food and wine to retail products and the transportation of bags. At the same time, the equipment can be used for loading containers in cases of overseas shipments where requirements for pallets are so strict that the shipment MUST be on slip-sheets.

The system is based on slip-sheets made from either cardboard or plastic disc, onto which the goods are pushed or pulled. This means that the slip-sheet remains under the goods, enabling them to be handled with Push-Pull when the transport arrives to its destination.     

The equipment is designed with a slip-sheet retaining system – a function that provides an opportunity to unload the goods in the container and still keep the slip-sheet on the equipment. Again, this function ensures transportation cost savings since the slip-sheet is reusable.