Integrated Fork Positioner with Clamp Function Type iFEXS

Integrated fork positioner with extremely high stability - designed with the truck driver's vision in mind.

Withstands side effects.
  • Extremely stable due to shaft transmission in top and bottom

  • Tolerate side effects on the forks

  • Precision and quiet operation

  • Excellent visibility

  • Suitable for harsh environments

  • Up to 8 tonnes

  • Many types of forks

Integrated fork positioner type iFEXS is a "pin-type" where precise fork movement makes the model ideally suited for those tasks where the emphasis is on precision and quiet operation. 

The double shaft transmission in top and bottom ensures stability and allows the unit to withstand side impacts on the forks. 

iFEXS provides ideal visibility in all conditions. Tubes, pipes and valves are removed from sight and together with the mast gives it an unparalleled vision for the truck driver and thereby a high efficiency. 

The models range from 2t to 8t in widths up to 1900mm and forks up to 2400mm.

With an integrated solution, larger residual capacity can be achieved compared to attached equipment. In many cases, this results in the need for a smaller truck.