Integrated Fork Positioner with Side Shift Type 6IFPF

Integrated fork positioner with very high residual capacity designed with the truck driver’s view very much in mind.
  •  Precision and noiseless operation  

  •  Exceptional view  

  •  Low operational costs and problem-free operation  

  •  High residual capacity

  •  Heavy Duty performance feature  

  •  Many fork types

The Integrated Fork Positioner 6IFPF is a pintype with accurate positioning of the forks, making it highly suitable for jobs focusing on precision and noiseless operation.

The 6IFPF provides an optimal view in all situations. A clear view mast and the fact that hoses, tubes and valves have been removed from the visual field result in both an unsurpassed view for the truck driver and high efficiency.

There is an 6IFPF Fork Postioner for all occasions. The models range from 1.6t to 12t in widths up to 3000mm and forks up to 2400mm. It is especially suitable for hiring out and leasing with full service because of its low operational costs and problem-free operation.

With an integrated solution, larger residual capacity can be achieved compared to attached equipment. In many cases, this results in the need for a smaller truck.   

Just like all of e-l-m’s models, the 6IFPF is highly stable and designed for very demanding tasks. The stability is increased further with Heavy-Duty performance, enabling even more demanding tasks to be carried out. You can see the many options of accessories here on this page.