Integrated Fork Positioner with Optimized Sideshift Type 2IFOSS

Integrated fork positioner with optimized sideshift and ultimate visibilty.

Allows positioning of the pallet next to wall or container side due to the fact, that the forks can position the goods beyond the attachments width.
Integrated fork positioner with optimized sideshift type 2 ifoss with pallet
  • Positions goods beyond its own width!

  • Extraordinary good visibility

  • Silent operation

  • Can be integrated with all types of fork positioners

The Integrated Fork Positioner type 2IFOSS is a special model, where the unique design allows the pallet to be placed beyond the width of the attachment. This makes the IFOSS highly suitable for tasks with focus on pallet location close to a wall or container side.

IFOSS is in many ways similar to the well-known IFPF. However, this model has a stronger axle, which has given the designers the oppertunity to remove the axle-support, and that is why the forks are able to walk past the "middle" of the unit.

The large span makes it impossible to deliver the model with the same capacities as IFPF, but in return you get a much more flexible unit.

IFOSS provides an ideal visibility in all conditions. Tubes, pipes and valves are removed from the driver's sight, which results in an exceptionel visibility, allowing for more efficiency.

The model is available in 2 and 2.5 t.

A higher residual capacity can be achieved with an integrated solution compared to a hook-on attachmnet, which regularly means that you can 'downsize' your truck.

2IFOSS is a more flexible choice compared to a standard container sideshift, because it also provides fork positioning.