Fork Positioners

Our hydraulic forklifts come with and without integrated side shift and are available both as a hook-on attachment and as an integrated attachment.

e-l-m Kragelund is a market leader in integrated solutions. Integrated attachments provide an improved view of the truck driver, making it easier to navigate with the truck and thus it increases safety. Furthermore, an e-l-m integrated solution provides a higher residual capacity compared to a hook-on attachment.

Overall, an integrated solution makes the truck more flexible and usable. You can see the benefits of an e-l-m integrated solution here.

The attachment can also be made as a hook-on, where the attachment is mounted on the truck's standard carriage.

e-l-m offers special solutions, lengths, widths, capacities and design according to customer needs. If you want extra features, for example, points for securing goods and the like, we can also help you with that.
Contact the sales department for a talk about your exact needs at or on +45 7589 3500.