We need to inform you that our Exchange (mail) server, which is hosted by an IT provider, has been hit by a hacker attack.

We became aware of the incident when CFCS (Center for Cyber Security) wrote around to holders of Microsoft Exchange servers in Denmark that there could be a risk that they had been attacked.

Our IT supplier has investigated and found that we have been hit by "HAFNIUM zero-day Attack", on an equal footing with many other companies in Denmark and the rest of the world.

We would like to point out that no data leak has been found, but that we have only been exposed to an incident that could potentially have compromised our data. We have not experienced any crashes or unusual activity on our systems.

Should you receive emails that appear to have been sent from us, but with a suspicious headline and / or content, then delete the email or call us to find out if it is an email we have sent.