On Tuesday, October 1, 2019, Hans Møller will have his 40th anniversary at e-l-m Kragelund.

We have expanded our website with a dictionary, which consists of useful terms in the forklift business. The dictionary will make it easier for all our European customers to find the product they are searching for.

Extra light low profile pallets - often made of plastic or cardboard are gaining ground in modern and cost-effective logistics solutions.

When purchasing a product, you need everything to go as smoothly as possible – and by choosing e-l-m it will go smoothly!

As part of our presence at Aberdeen OFFSHORE EUROPE '2011 tradeshow we hereby publish a video of our popular LS unit.

Read about e-l-m’s new website, which can help both distributors and endusers in a time where everything needs to be effective, fast and profitable.

ELM Kragelund and KAUP have decided to enter into a commercial cooperation where the parts will represent, sell and market each others products through distributors in Europe.

On occasion of Lars Holm Hansen’s 25 years jubilee 1st of August 2009, e-l-m Kragelund A/S is hosting a reception 21st of August 2009 from 12.00 – 16.00 at e-l-m in Kragelund.

Despite the global financial crisis strengthened attention to Danish elm.

Most recently, we participated in an interview with the internationally renowned magasine IVT 

We are proud to present our new website here at www.e-l-m.com!

The new Machinery Directive (2006/42/EF) will come into force after December 29 this year. e-l-m introduces new nameplates to meet the requirements 

On 1 August 2009, it has been 25 years since Sales Manager Lars Holm Hansen started at e-l-m.

Read about how e-l-m's attachments result in the markets highest residual capacity in our latest issue of our newsletter.

Slip-sheets replace pallets, which means great cost savings and a better working environment. Slip-sheets are actually required in some industries, and they are the transport medium of the future.