Annonce fra gammel tid


Erling Lund founds the company E. Lunds Maskinfabrik. The company produces garden and drive gates.



First step towards attachments for forklift trucks. We start deliveries of custom-made lifting yokes for a Danish manufacturer of forklift trucks.



The company name, E. Lunds Maskinfabrik, is changed to E.L.M., Kragelund A/S. The production is reorganised so that the company concentrates 100% on attachments for forklift trucks. To begin with, the company concentrates in particular on the production of fork positioners, fork clamps and grain scoops.



Our product portfolio is complete, and we now export to Norway and Sweden. At this time, the company employs about 30 employees.



The company is expanded by 2000 square metres, making our area of production 3000 square metres. The company now employs 50 employees.



e-l-m is now the largest manufacturer of attachments for forklift trucks in Scandinavia. The company exports 60% of its products, 40% of which is exported solely to the Scandinavian countries. e-l-m now uses IT in the areas of finance and production.



e-l-m enters into a partnership with A.T.I.B in Italy and Loron in the USA for selected products.



Development and design in the technical department move from drawing board to computer.



e-l-m is the first company in the industry to be certified according to ISO 9002. Sales offices are established in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. As a result, e-l-m is now represented in both Southern Europe and Central Europe.



e-l-m signs a contract with one of the world’s largest truck factories, and wins its first OEM customer.



3D is introduced in the technical department, after which the company experiences enormous technological progress. We are now one of the leading manufacturers in the field of attachments for forklift trucks.



We now employ 70 employees. Our production area measures 6600 square metres, and the total ground area is 64000 square metres. Our quality system is upgraded according to ISO 9001, and we are welding-certified according to EN 927-2. e-l-m introduces robot technology in the production processes.



e-l-m becomes part of the holding company NAHOB Invest.



e-l-m is environmentally-certified according to ISO 14001. Our products are sold worldwide with the main share exported to Europe. Our share of exports is 60%.