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The 2 or 4 Pallet Handler Type T429

The 2 or 4 Pallet Handler Type T429 The Pallet Handler Type T429 is constructed for handling 2 or 4 pallets.

  • Quick and safe transport of goods
  • Cheapest operational costs on the market
  • Strong construction results in a safe working environment
  • Compact design ensures outstanding view
  • Capacities from 1,600 kg to 6,000 kg with a load centre of 1,200 mm
  • Supplied with integrated sideshift as standard 

The T429 is constructed for transporting goods in a quick and safe way. The device is designed with a precise positioning of forks that ensures effective handling of 2 or 4 pallets.

Designed for a maximal life span and a minimal use of wearing parts that ensures that the equipment offers the cheapest operational costs of the market.

The attachment has a strong and stable frame construction, ensuring the safe transport of goods and, hence, a top-class working environment. At the same time, the strong and stable frame construction makes a higher speed possible, ensuring a quick and fast movement of goods and minimal costs in proportion to the amount of goods moved.

The device is designed to give the truck driver an outstanding view.

Delivered in capacities from 1,600 kg to 6,000 kg with a load centre of 1,200 mm.

Integrated sideshift - that eases the work of the truck driver and ensures the precise positioning of pallets - is standard.


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The 2 or 4 Pallet Handler Type T429

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