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Load Holder Type LNH

Load Holder Type LNH A simple and flexible load holder suitable for long, smooth or round objects such as pipes, beams etc.

  • Fastens the load to the forks
  • Compact structure, minimal lost load centre and weight
  • Robust construction with low need for service
  • All-round usability

The load holder is primarily constructed to fasten round objects to the forks, to prevent them rolling or gliding off the forks. This makes it highly suitable for transporting pipes for the oil industry.

The holding arm covered with rubber is mounted on hinges so that it can adjust to the contour of the load and bending of the forks.

The arm can be folded up and fastened in an upright position so that loads of different designs (pallets) can be transported.

The slim structure makes it possible to move the forks closely together so even EUR pallets can be picked up lengthwise.

An adjustable pressure control valve, a pressure accumulator which can absorb the suspension of the forks and a manometer, where the current clamp pressure can be read, are fitted to the load holder.

The standard design of the load holder has an ISO 2328 mounting and can normally be mounted on the middle of the carriage between the two forks on the forklift truck.

It can also be supplied with other types of carriage for example so it can be mounted on a fork positioner or with quick shift making it easy to remove.

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Load Holder Type LNH

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